George Gagoshidze

George Gagoshidze / Collection  /  Pirosmani & Zdanevichs  /  Sidamon-Eristavi  /  TAF

18 December – 27 DECEMBER, 2018

Till 2015, George Gagoshidze’s inspiration stems from the nature and the mountainous landscapes are dominated in his works, the environment is generalized and close to the abstract art. Afterwards, the artist starts researching the borders between abstract and landscape art. Nowadays artist is totally focused on abstract paintings, In order to create textured surface, Gagoshidze refers to the intensive colors and various materials: the artist uses oil paints in his canvas works, whereas watercolor, acryl, tempera and some non-traditional materials are used in paper works. The mixture of materials is distinguishing characteristic of his works.

Project ‘Collection’

George Gagoshidze / Collection  /  Pirosmani & Zdanevichs  /  Sidamon-Eristavi  /  TAF


Silk Factory Studio and Baia Gallery 

present exhibition ‘Collector’ 8 May, 2018


First show of rarities from private collections! Unique art works of XX centuries Georgian artat Silk Factory Studio exhibition hall! More than 130 cultural heritage works of art from private collections! Unknown artworks of famous artists. First exhibition of the project ‘Pricing and Rating.’


David Kakabadze
Lado Gudiashvili
Merab Abramishvili
Boris Vogel
Felix Varlamishvili
Irakli Toidze
Irakli Gamrekeli
Irakli Parjiani
Shalva Kikodze
Tamar Abakelia
Sergo Kobuladze
Valerian Sidamon – Eristavi
Vassily Shukhaev
Vera Pagava
Albert Dilbarian
Irina Shtenberg
Ioseb Sumbatashvili
Korneli Sanadze
Nika Kazbegi
Petre Bliotkin
Revaz Mirzashvili
Serapion Vatsadze
Vano Meliashvili
Vera Rockline
Gaiane Khachatrian


Pirosmani & Zdanevichs

George Gagoshidze / Collection  /  Pirosmani & Zdanevichs  /  Sidamon-Eristavi  /  TAF

Baia Gallery
Alexander Chavchavadze House Museum in Tsinandali, National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia, Niko Pirosmanashvili State Museum
‘Pirosmani and Zdanevichs.’

The exhibition ‘Pirosmani and Zdanevichs’ at Alexander Chavchavadze House Museum in Tsinandali presents three personalities of Georgian culture: Niko Pirosmani, Kiril and Ilia Zdanevichs whose lives and creativity encompassed the Pirosmani’s world and emotional intonation.
The exhibition features Niko Pirosmani’s ‘Still Life with Sugarloaf’ from Niko Pirosmaniashvili State Museum in Mirzaani, Kiril Zdanevich’s color graphics from private collections (Baia Gallery), Ilia Zdanevich’s publications (the private collection).

Niko Pirosmani ‘Still-Life with Sugarloaf’
Kiril Zdanevich ‘Still-Life’

Ilia & Kiril Zdanevichs
Pablo Picaso & Ilia Zdanevich


George Gagoshidze / Collection  /  Pirosmani & Zdanevichs  /  Sidamon-Eristavi  /  TAF

Project ‘Collection,’ Valerian Sidamon-Eristavi 

Unknown collection of a famous artist

From modernism to social realism.

Valerian Sidamon-Eristavi is one of the most significant and versatile representatives of the 20th Century Georgian Painting, who actually, formed various directions of the Georgian Art at the onset of the century. Development of historical and battle genres in the Georgian Paintings, establishment of the Georgian theatre production design school, the initial phase in the history of the cinema production design and other milestones of the Georgian Culture are linked to the name of this artist. His artistic works reflected the tragic and controversial developments of the beginning of the 20th century which also affected the field of culture when in the 1930s the modernist style was replaced by the social realism.
Therefore, it can be deemed a sensation and discovery that the collection (over 400 paintings and graphic works, photos and archival documents, manuscripts) of such an important Georgian artist as Valerian Sidamon-Eristavi – an outstanding representative of Georgian Modernism, mega-star of the 20th century Georgian Art, the first theatre stage and costume designer of Georgia, pioneer of the Soviet cinema production design, artist, graphic artist, illustrator and teacher – is to appear in exhibition halls and on the art markets. 


Tbilisi Art Fair (TAF)

George Gagoshidze / Collection  /  Pirosmani & Zdanevichs  /  Sidamon-Eristavi  /  TAF

Project ‘Collection’

Merab Abramishvili

Elene Akhvlediani

Vera Rokhlina

Niniko Morbedadze