Elene Akhvlediani and Her Era

17.12.2021 – 10.02.2022

Baia Gallery
Ministry of Culture, Sport and Youth of Georgia.

Baia Gallery continues the study of the Georgian cultural heritage through artworks preserved in private collections. In 2019, the gallery launched a new project: ‘The Artists and their Era.’ It pursues the goal of focusing on the works of a specific artist and revealing the creative processes that took place in parallel to his or her career.

The exhibition project ‘Elene Akhvlediani and Her Era’ will display the working context of the greatest Georgian artist Elene Akhvlediani, and present hitherto unknown works by major artists of the 20th century, unique materials preserved in the private collections, and rare items of Georgian culture. Such discoveries are highly significant for the research of little-known events, as well as highlighting the importance of private collections in terms of preserving cultural heritage. Private collections very often form the basis for museums, and enable privately owned and preserved treasures to be made accessible to the wider public.

Artists participating in the exhibition: Elene Akhvlediani, Petre Bliotkin, Gigo Gabashvili, Lado Gudiashvili, Felix Varlamishvili, Kirill Zdanevich, Mose Toidze, David Kakabadze, Ketevan Magalashvili, Petre Otskheli, Korneli Sanadze, Valerian Sidamon-Eristavi, Nikolay Sklifosovsky, Vera Pagava, Boris Vogel, Dimitri Shevardnadze, Oskar Shmerling, Vasily Shukhaev.

Elene Akhvlediani and Her Era. Exhibition catalogue.PDF