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Born in 1901, Telavi, Georgia. Died in 1975, Tbilisi, Georgia.

1960 – Was awarded the title of People’s Artist of Georgia 1971 – Received the Shota Rustaveli Premium 1918 – Graduated the Art Studio headed by B. Vogel and N. Sklifosovsky with the certificate of an artist- teacher. 1922 – Studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts,the faculty of painting under tuition of Gigo Gabashvili. 1922 – Left for Italy and continued to France. 1922 – 1927 – Worked in Paris. 1924 – Studied at the Académie Colarossi, founded by Italian Sculptor Filippo Colarossi. After returning to Georgia Akhvlediani had exhibitions in Tbilisi, Telavi and Kutaisi. Worked with Theatre Director Kote Marjanishviliat the Kutaisi Theatre as well as at the theatres of Tbilisi, Moscow, Kiev and Leningrad, in total making the stage designs for 70 plays. In 1950s she began working in cinematography as an art director. She designed costumes for the films: “Chrichina” (Cricket), “Eter’s Song”, “Ceased Song”. Later Akhvlediani made drawings for Sergo Parajanov’s film “Color of Pomegranate” (unfulfilled project). At the end of 1950s she travelled to the Baltic States and Czechoslovakia and made series of landscapes of Tallinn and Bratislava. In 1960s the artist revived the tradition introduced by Boris Vogel and, together with a group of artists,visitedvarious regions of Georgia, doing plain-air painting and organizing concluding exhibitions.

Solo exhibitions: 1926 – Quatre Chemins Galerie. Paris, France. 1927 -The “Orient” hall of the Society of the Georgian Artists. Tbilisi, Georgia. 1928 -Telavi and Kutaisi, Georgia. 1930 – Kharkov, Ukraine. 1930 – Moscow, Russia. 1960 – The National Gallery. Tbilisi, Georgia. 1961 – Erevan, Armenia. – Baku, Azerbaijan. 1967 – The State Museum of Oriental Art. Moscow, Russia. 1968 -‘The Winter Series.’ Elene Akhvlediani’s studio. Tbilisi, Georgia. 1971 – Museum of Fine Arts. Tbilisi, Georgia. 1971 –  Merani Publishing House. Tbilisi, Georgia. 1972 -‘The Old Tbilisi Series,’ House of Art Workers. Tbilisi, Georgia. 1975 – Sviatoslav Richter’s House. Moscow, Russia. 2011 – Sketches for State Youth Theatre Performances. Baia Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia. 2011 – ‘Winter.’ Baia Gallery. Tbilisi, Georgia.

Group Exhibitions: 1919 – The First and Second Exhibitions of Georgian artists, The Temple of Glory, Tbilisi, Georgia. 1925, 1926, 1927 – Exhibitions at Salon des Indépendants and the Salon d’Automne, Paris, France. 1930 – Contemporary Russian Art. Vienna, Austria. 1930 – ‘Soviet Art.’ Berlin, Germany. 1934 – Group exhibition of Georgian Artists. Tbilisi, Georgia. 1936 – For the History of the Bolshevik Organizations of the South Caucasus. Tbilisi, Georgia. 1937 – Georgian Landscape Art. The National Gallery. Tbilisi. 1937 – ‘Shota Rustaveli and His Era.’ Georgian National Museum. Tbilisi, Georgia. 1937 – Group exhibition of Georgian Fine Arts. Moscow, Russia. 1961 – Exhibition of a Group of Landscape Artists. Tbilisi, Georgia. 1962 – Exhibition of a Group of Landscape Artists. Tbilisi, Georgia. 1962 – Exhibition of the works of Women Painters. House of Officers. Tbilisi, Georgia. 1967 – Exhibition of the works by E. Akhvlediani and K. Maghalashvili. Tallinn, Estonia. 1973 – Georgian Landscape Exhibition. Tbilisi, Georgia. 1999, 2000 – ‘From Generation to Generation.’ Modern Art Gallery. Tbilisi, Georgia. 2005 – ‘Fantastic City.’ Baia Gallery, Gallery Vernissage, TBC Bank. Tbilisi, Georgia. 2007 – ‘Elene Akhvlediani and Vasily Shukahev.’ Elene Akhvlediani House-Museum. Tbilisi, Georgia. 2007 – ‘Elene Akhvlediani ‘Seasons.’ Museum of Fine Arts. Tbilisi, Georgia. 2008 – ‘The XX Century – Starting Space.’ Georgian Modernism from Private Collection. Baia Gallery. Tbilisi, Georgia. 2008 – ‘Paris-Montparnasse-Tbilisi.’ Musée du Montparnasse. Paris, France. 2010 – ‘The Twentieth Century Georgian Painting from the Private Collections and Contemporary Artists.’ Baia Gallery. Tbilisi, Georgia. 2015 – ‘Maelstrom: Franz Mark, German Expressionism and Modernism in Georgia.’ The National Gallery. Tbilisi, Georgia. 2017 – 2018 – ‘Elene Akhvlediani and Niko Pirosmanashvili.’ Sighnaghi Museum. Kakheti, Georgia. 2017 – ‘Rarity.’ Baia Gallery. Tbilisi, Georgia. 2018 – ‘Red Terror and Georgian Artists.’ Museum of History. Tbilisi, Georgia. 2018 – ‘Collector.’ Silk Factory Studio, Baia Gallery. Tbilisi, Georgia. 2018 – Tbilisi Art Fair. Tbilisi, Georgia. 2019 – ‘Expo 1919 – 2019.’ Baia Gallery. Tbilisi, Georgia. 2020 – ‘Kirill Zdanevich and His Era.’ Baia Gallery. Tbilisi, Georgia. 2020, 2021 – ‘Art Expo XX – XXI.’ Baia Gallery. Tbilisi, Georgia. 2021 – ‘Georgian Palestine’ by Svyatoslav Richter. Svyatoslav Richter Memorial Apartment. Moscow, Russia. 2021 – 2022 – ‘Elene Akhvlediani and Her Era.’ Baia Gallery. Tbilisi, Georgia. 2022 – ‘Georgian Modernism and Tbilisi Avant-Garde (1910-1932). The National Gallery. Tbilisi, Georgia.

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