Kote Sulaberidze & Camp Art Projects & Baia Gallery present

Kote Sulaberidze’s project ‘Lovers that Lost their Heads’ 08.- 18.07.2019

Lovers that Lost their Heads

In 2009 I made a painting called ‘Lovers that Lost their Heads.’ Soon it happened to be in one of the private collections.
In winter of 2019 I received an unexpected present. A friend and colleague, Koka Tskhvediani gave me a small porcelain sculpture – a girl and a boy whose heads were broken off /see the cover/.
“My daughter Mariam loved your work, with lost heads. I came across these lovers at the flea market and bought them for you,” he said.
I liked this present very much. It inspired me to return to the theme that I started about 10 years ago and to make these series of works.
Kote Sulaberidze 14.06.2019