Maya Baratashvili – ‘Territory of Thought’

Maya Baratashvili – painter – chooses images that relocate her into territory of thought. Her works are created with long pauses and each painting carries an imprint of pondering stretched in time, caused by body, landscape, specific relationships or a story.

Maya Baratashvili is a painter of an intimate field. Bodies, sometimes “nudes” too, often emerge in her works, but this intimacy is conditioned not only by figure, it is experienced more as a versatile emotion and conveys an atmosphere imbued with the emotion. It does not matter whether it is a closed, chamber space, or open landscape.

The exhibition “Territory of Thought” represents examples of contemporary painting’s add-on possibilities. They resemble cinema stills and at the same time stand out with painting quality that impressively conveys mystical lighting, a view, seen from a window, or the emotional experience of a child, mesmerized by landscape.

Khatuna Khabuliani