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Born in 1957, Tbilisi, Georgia

Died in 2006, Tbilisi, Georgia

Painter, graphic artist

From 1975 to 1981 Merab Abramishvili attended the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Faculty of Drawing. The twentieth century gave artists the authority to develop their own singular style. Each painter personally experienced the challenge of forging their individual style – style-allegory.

Abramishvili incorporated the specific compositional and semantic features of medieval wall painting and religious embroidery into his style-allegory fostered by the moderation and serenity of medieval Georgian art. His art blurs the lines between cultures, merging the Georgian tradition of fresco-painting with aesthetic linear ornamentalism, sensibility and ephemerality of Oriental art, as well as the finesse and decorativeness of European Art Nouveau. Within the world gripped with nihilism and aggression, Abramishvili creates his own model of universe – the Garden of Eden, a dwelling of all-inclusive harmony where time has been suspended and all abide in trance-like calm – though filled with immense impulse and stretched as a spring. The visual representations, which in fact are iconic signs, carry the wisdom of epochs and primordial energy.

Solo Exhibitions:

1994 – Orient Gallery (Baia Gallery), Tbilisi, Georgia.

1994 – Chardin Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2001, 2007 – Chardin Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2004 – Baia Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2005 – TMS Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2007 – ‘The Abandoned Side,’ TMS Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2010 – Hobby Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2012 – New Gallery, Baia Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2016 – Museum of Modern Art, Baia Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2019 – Exhibition Pavillion of the National Archives of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Group Exhibitions:

1988, 1990 – House of Artist, Tbilisi, Georgia.

1992 – ‘The Generation – The Eighties,’ Baia Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia.

1989 – Days of Georgian Culture, Warsaw, Poland.

1990 – Georgian Culture Centre, Paris, France.

1993 – ’10 Georgian Artists,’ General Bank, Brussels, Belgium.

1994 – Galerie Artforum, Hanover, Germany.

1994 – ‘Georgian Painting,’ Vienna, Austria.

1995 – ‘Georgian Art,’ Baku Art Centre, Baku, Azerbaijan.

1996 – Galerie Seidel am Domhof, Cologne, Germany.

1996 – Art Centre, Berlin, Germany.

1996 – Reinruh Centre, Essen, Germany.

1996 – ‘Opera,’ Auction of Georgian Art, TBC Bank, Baia Gallery, Opera Design, Tbilisi, Georgia.

1997 – Galerie Selmersheim, Paris, France.

1997, 2000 – Gallery of Modern Art, Tbilisi, Georgia.

1998 – Absheron Art Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan.

1999, 2000 – ‘From Generation to Generation,’ Modern Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2001 – Hilton, Nicosia, Cyprus.

2013 – ‘At the Crossroads: Contemporary Art From Central Asia and the Caucasus,’ Sotheby’s Auction House, London, UK.

2014 – ‘At the Crossroads 2: Contemporary Art From Istanbul To Kabul,’ Sotheby’s Auction House, London, UK.

2017 – ‘Rarity,’ Baia Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2018 – ‘Collector,’ Silk Factory Studio, Baia Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2018, 2019 – Tbilisi Art Fair, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2019 – ‘How Much?’ Baia Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2021 – ‘Art Expo XX-XXI,’ Baia Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia.


Merab Abramishvili’s artworks are kept at Fine Arts Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia; The National Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia; Peter Ludwig Museum, Cologne, Germany, and in the private collections in Georgia, Austria, Canada, France, Holand, Germany, UK, USA, in the private collection of Bidzina Ivanishvili, Ilham Aliyev, and Patriarchate of Georgia.

2016 – The highest auction price – 90,150 USD. Sotheby’s Auction House, London, Great Britain.


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